Inicio -Eventos -Temas de tendencia -La Asociación de Importadores de Automóviles de Israel informó que China se ha convertido en el mayor proveedor de automóviles de Israel.

La Asociación de Importadores de Automóviles de Israel informó que China se ha convertido en el mayor proveedor de automóviles de Israel.

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Noticias internacionales

1. A research team from Fudan University has designed a novel semiconductor-based photoresist, integrating 27 million organic transistors using photolithography technology on full-frame size chips.

2. Foxconn announced better-than-expected quarterly revenue, bolstered by increased demand for AI servers, and forecasts continued revenue growth for the current quarter.

3. The Israeli Car Importers Association reported that China has become Israel's largest automobile supplier.

4. Samsung has launched its first ultra-high-capacity solid-state drive, the BM1743, boasting a record-breaking 61.44TB storage capacity, surpassing both Samsung's previous records and industry standards.

5. According to a report from Money Control, Google plans to manufacture its Pixel 9 series smartphones in India for export to the US and EU markets.

6. Reports indicate that Microsoft has notified its employees in China that only iPhones will be allowed for work starting from September, effectively phasing out the use of Android devices in the workplace.


Noticias de China

1. According to the "Global Digital Economy White Paper," China now holds over a third of the world's large-scale AI models, accounting for 36%, second only to the US's 44%.

2. At the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Legal Forum, Shanghai unveiled the industry's first open-signature humanoid robot governance rules document.

3. SLKOR (www.slkoric.com) and General Manager Song Shiqiang personally led a team to attend the Munich Electronics Exhibition, actively engaging in experience sharing and in-depth discussions with industry peers.

4. At the Huawei Global Users Conference, Huawei launched the world's first commercial version of the 5G-A based on R18, Apollo.

5. The inaugural summit of the "Focus on New Quality Productivity, Create a New Ecology of Venture Capital" and the establishment of the Venture Capital Alliance was held in Guangzhou, where a fund cluster exceeding 100 billion yuan was launched.

6. A Chinese research team has pioneered a novel crystal preparation method, allowing materials to grow like "bamboo shoots rising straight up," significantly enhancing the controllability of crystal structures.



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