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El Qwen-2 72B de código abierto de Alibaba emerge como el nuevo campeón

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Noticias internacionales

1. Samsung Electronics is leading the development of "semiconductor 3.3D advanced packaging technology," aimed at AI semiconductor chips, with mass production scheduled for the second quarter of 2026.

2. NVIDIA's AI GPU H200 upstream chip has entered mass production since late second quarter, with substantial deliveries expected from the third quarter onwards. B100 shipments are projected for the first half of next year.

3. Alibaba's open-source Qwen-2 72B has outperformed Meta's Llama-3 and Mistralai's Mixtral, establishing itself as the new champion. China leads in the global open-source large model field.

4. SK hynix of South Korea plans to invest 80 trillion Korean won by 2026, increasing to 103 trillion won (746 billion USD) by 2028, primarily for AI and semiconductor sectors, aiming to strengthen its chip business.

5. From July 8th to 10th, Mr. Song Shiqiang, CEO of Yelmo real (www.kinghelm.net), and the headquarters' business, operations, and supply chain teams will attend electronica China in Munich and Shanghai.

6. The pure wafer foundry in the United States, GaX Inc., has acquired Tagore's proprietary and production-verified gallium nitride (GaN) power technology and IP portfolio.


Noticias de China

1. TSMC's 2025 capital expenditure is expected to reach $32-36 billion, marking the second highest in history, with a year-on-year growth of 12.5% to 14.3%. TSMC's 2024 capital expenditure is projected to be $28-32 billion.

2. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, smartphone production increased by 12% year-on-year from January to May, while integrated circuit production increased by 32.7%.

3. Intelligent Element Robot, co-founded by Peng Zhihui, a former Huawei prodigy, is initiating a new round of financing. Existing shareholder Baidu Ventures will participate in this funding round.

4. The 21st China International Semiconductor Exhibition (IC CHINA) will be held from September 5th to 7th at the Beijing National Convention Center.

5. Recently, Taikotech Semiconductor underwent a business change, with Guangzhou Yiqi Jindao Investment Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership), a subsidiary of Luzhou Laojiao, becoming a shareholder.

6. Recently, Suzhou's Inovasic formally submitted its IPO application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, signaling an upcoming major IPO in Suzhou.



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